Each year millions of people are left without inspiration to see their wishes come to fruition.  This year make small miracles come alive for yourself and those in your community.  Our mission is to answer small wishes and desires to inspire individuals or groups interpersonally throughout their lives.  Connecting wishes on both sides, Simple Sentiment has two main veins.  Wishes and Fulfillment. If you have a dream that you don't know how to achieve, or goal that you think is too big, send in a wish  Anyone can see the wishes and they will be posted in the blog section once your membership is paid.

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Surely you have many items in your life that someone else can really use.  Send it to us and we will share the story of how it impacted someone's life. 

Purchasing wishes


Everyone has at least one tiny wish in their life they send to the universe for action. How would it feel to send the wish back answered.  Make a wish $5 wish come true     $5. wish purchase for yourself or someone you know, and bless them with a surprise gift for the holidays. You can purchase someone else's wish to come true, or put up the cash for your own random care package.

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No more starving artist titles. We created a platform to offer 50% on commissioned artwork. You make tasty artwork we connect you with the buyer.

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Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

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At simple sentiment we are a company designed to help small wishes come true. It is an incubator for kindness and opportunity.

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